In an exciting move towards environmental stewardship, Jasper's Coffee, has teamed up with New Dawn Traders of Penryn, Cornwall and Kaap Kargo of Amsterdam, on a mission to import coffee using the power of wind. Jasper’s Coffee first shipment of coffee will be from Colombia.  The ship, The Ide Min, is currently on her way to South America to pick up the shipment and is scheduled back at our Roastery on the Isle of Wight in a couple months. You will be able to pre-order this coffee. More details to follow! 

 When New Dawn Traders reached out about this opportunity to get involves in the voyage, we were onboard. A few of the key reasons that made the decision so easy are highlighted below. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

One of the most significant benefits of importing coffee by sail-power is a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. Traditional methods of shipping rely heavily on fossil fuel-powered engines, contributing to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Adopting sail-power as a means of transport will lead to a significant decrease in carbon footprint, aligning Jasper's Coffee with its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Supporting Traditional Maritime Practices

Sail-powered shipping brings back a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for traditional maritime practices. By participating in this trial project, Jasper's Coffee is contributing to the preservation and revitalization of a centuries-old method of transportation. It not only supports sustainable practices but also celebrates the craftsmanship and skills of sailors who embrace this eco-friendly approach.

Promoting Local Economies and Fair Trade

Sail-powered vessels often have smaller cargo capacities, which can lead to a greater emphasis on regional trade and supporting local economies. By importing coffee through sail-power, Jasper's Coffee are establishing direct relationships with small-scale farmers, ensuring fair trade practices and providing them with better financial returns. This approach fosters a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry, benefitting both farmers and consumers.

Sparking Inspiration and Raising Awareness

Jasper's Coffee's decision to trial sail-power for coffee importation carries the potential to inspire other businesses to explore sustainable transportation alternatives. By taking this bold step, they are increasing awareness about the environmental impacts of conventional shipping practices and encouraging conversations about adopting cleaner technologies throughout the industry. The ripple effect of this trial could lead to a larger-scale adoption of sail-power cargo, ultimately reducing reliance on fossil fuel-powered transportation globally.

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Photos provided by New Dawn Traders and shared by the crew on Ide Min.